No doubt Stranger Thing Become the part of thr most Populer Show in the World. If You watch 1 episode of This show ..I gurentee you ….You Complete this show in 1 shit Without taking rest ..If u love WebSeries This Show is Addiction of Entertainment Hub.Trust me You will be Thankfull me After watching This show.

My Personal Rating – 10/10

IMDB – 8.8/1O



Stranger Thing is Set in 1983 Indiana. This Show revolves arund a group of Children in a Small Town and their unsettling tryst with the wold of monseter. In a group of children there is boy Name Will Byers goes missing near a Top-Secrete Government Labortary. On The same Neight one girl appears in the Town.

Season 1

First Season Begins With 1983.In Hawkins,Indiana ther is a National Laboratory open in a rift to the” Upside Down,” an Parallel Diamension.A Monster come from the parallel diamension through Upside Down in the real World and took a boy Name Will Byers and Teenage girl called Barbara People think of the Town that Will is vanished in the Air. Will Mother Joyce and Chief of Twon Police Jim Hopper help Will Mom to find Will. At the same Neight a Teenage gilr name Eleven Escape from the Laboartry and help the Will friend , Mike , Dustin and Lucas to find Will.

Season 2

Stranger Thing Season 2 introduce a new monster .The Mind Flayer or the Shadow Monster, Its like a gint Horrifying Spider larger then Hawikins Town. Mind Flayer can controll everything inside the upside downand can controll  the mind of Will Byers The gate of the upside down is not closed properly that is why Mind flayer can controll Will Byers body. Everyone Thinking Eleven was dead but she was hide from the government and living with chief of Twon Jim Hopper She came and help Will Byers and was able to Seal the gate and trapped the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down.


In the Final Scene , We actually seen the the Mind Flayer Looming over over Hawikins yet again.

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