Review & Explain Of Lucifer Season 5. Is it Intersting??

This Show has very Strong Fan Base in India. If You looking for good content in webseries then Seriously must watch this show . The story line of this show is very Strong and Unique concept. This show is one of the best show in Netflix. Directed by Len Wiseman

Story & Explain Of Season 5

As you know in Season 4 , All the deamons came to Earth to Find the New King of the Hell that is why Lucifer drawn back to Hell to Save Earth from Deamns.

In the Starting Scene Lucifer was torturing dead man soul then he find out the dead man living in Las Vegas and the case was handling Detective Chloe. and she miss the Lucifer Very much. Lucifer decide to help Chloe in the Hell with the help of dead man visual in his mind. One of his demons told Lucifer that Chloe life is in danger. Lucifer came to Earth and save Chloe. Everyone thought that Lucifer came back. Actually he is not Lucifer he is twin brother of Lucifer Micheal. Lucifer decide to stay in hell because he believes that Chloe is strong Women , she can handel it.

Micheal was a Jeleaus brothera, He came to Earth to ruien Lucifer life. Micheal main plane was to come close with Chloe and break Chloe hearth but Chloe was smart and find out that he is not a Lucifer he is twin brother of Lucifer. Michael told the Chloe that she was a gift for Lucifer. God create her because of Lucifer. As soon as Amanadil(Lucifer Big Brother) know about, that Micheal is destorying Lucifer Earth Life. He immediately went to Hell and Tell the Lucifer Everything.

Lucifer immediately came to Earth and fight with Michael. Lucifer defeat the Michael. Lucifer thinks that Micheal is gone but this is not true.Micheal was waiting for good Time. Lucifer meet Chloe but She was very Disturb about the truth. Amanadil explain everything in very calm manner to Chloe. And Chloe understand what he is trying to say.

Lucifer and Chloe they were again in relationship. Michael came back again and this Time he kidnapped Chloe. But Somehow Lucifer save Chloe. Now here is the end scene. Michael give fake promise to Maze to give Soul If she fight with them. Now here come the climax scene. Amanadil has a very angary and stop the Earth Time. There was two team now.. Lucifer and Amanadil one side … And other hand Micheal and Maze in one Team. They were Fighting eachother. In This Time God came over there and phoooooooooooooo!!!!!!! The End. Now wait for Season 6. This was the first Time when God came to Earth.

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